We teach valuable skills and foster the application of these skills so that our readers and “our team” can improve their lives.

Welcome to theITTteam!

There will be no long presentation.  I simple want to introduce you to what my team and I are doing.  I refer to it as a side-project, however, it is any-thing but small.  I say, “Side-project, as it is not intended to replace your current job, have you quit your job, or entice you to do anything drastic.  My intention is to present a second income source, an alternative to the way you make money … to show you a better way … to make your life better.  I want you to join us … become a customer … and tell others.  Together we are changing the world.

Please listen to my two-minute story.  I’ll be back in just a bit to ask you WHY I shared this story with you.

  • Stories are powerful and non-threatening… and …
  • They are short and make an important point… and …
  • They are easy to remember.

Trust + Curiosity + Integrity = Nothing Misleading

People are busy … you are busy.  People are in need of what we offer: Most of the time they are already looking for us!

  • POINT #1: We are in the business of helping people get what they want, or, what they don’t want.  (Example: A person might say they want more money!  “I WANT more money!” or they might say, “I’m tired of being broke… living from pay-cheque to pay-cheque!”  One was stated as a want, the other as a don’t want.  Understand?  [I need to make sure I have explained everything well up-to-now.]

We are in the profession of making people’s live better.  We re-ignite dreams, re-build hope and create belief in themselves.  “Sometimes they need to trust us until they can learn to trust themselves.”

  • POINT #2: Use the tools and your team for help.  Duplicable Powerful Leverage System

I must train you correctly in order for you to train your next level.  In turn, the next level will learn from us, and thus duplicate the process … again and again… deeper and deeper.  Our goal is first and foremost to help people!  Ours is a Four-Year Freedom Plan!  [What does freedom mean to you?]

Would you agree?

There are 24 hours in a day.  If you were working for yourself, by yourself, for 365 days, without sleep… you would have produced 8,760 hours of work. If you earned $25/hr. that would provide you with an annual income, of around $219,000.00 [not bad!]

A picture is worth a thousand words!

canstockphoto5838390You Inc.

Let’s assume you had 100 people in/on your team, just working 7-10 hours/week.  7 x 52 x 100 = 36,400 hours of work.  If each of those people also earned $25.00/hr. [that would be a total of $910,000]

Let’s say that each person in your group, 100 of them, only worked and produced $100/month x 12 = $1,200 per person [remember 100 people] = $120,000.00

The power of leverage.  [Does the person understand leverage.  Can they explain it?]

That’s over four-years of you working 24 hours … every day … for four years straight.

Remember: THEY ARE WORKING IN THEIR BUSINESSES, so it only fair they keep the money.  All of it!

But the training you provided your team lasts a lifetime!  No good deed shall go un-rewarded…

Let’s say you got just 5% of their collective yearly volume, a percentage of sales, for as long as they’re active, as a reward.  Remember, you trained them well, they are making money, they have a reason to be and stay active.  You receive 5% of $120,000 = $6,000.00 … [Just a note: $400,000 in a high-interest account will earn about $600/month or about $7,200/year.]

Now I know what you are saying, “I can’t live on 6K.”  But what if you got your 100 in the first few months in the business?  And what if, your wife was working with you?  And your children?  And what if in a year’s time you had 1000 people in your organization.  What if your team expanded to 10,000 people in Four-Years?

Now I’m not making any promises or guarantees.  BUT … do you have a better plan?

Usually at this point I ask you to go to a web site to view an online movie or would ask you “How Soon Could You Watch” a DVD that I would send you.

Then I would … get a commitment.  Will you watch IT?  By when?  For sure?  Shortly after you agree to watch the movie, by a certain date and time, I would schedule our next appointment.

Based on your feedback, we would answer ALL YOUR QUESTIONS…

You would then be introduced to the specific company and the products we represent.  We would set a date and time again to get back together, meet the team, decide how fast you want to go…

We would begin to work at filling in your circles … gathering leaders and customers along the way.  Remember, profits are better than wages AND business people build networks.

Note the differences with this project introduction:

  1. You are married, and I usually present to married couples together.  It’s easier, and it saves the one spouse trying to explain it to the other spouse. Often, but not always, couples compliment each other’s strengths in business.  This is no exception.  You are very cleaver, so I trusted my gut and let it go, this time!
  2. There is an elephant-in-the-room.  [Do you understand what I mean?] …. …. …. …. Something so big we cannot ignore!  You need my help.  You haven’t been able to get WHAT YOU WANT up to now.  I am going to help you get it?  Why?  Because I love this profession and love working with people.  I am on a mission to create 100 millionaires or more in the next 10 years.  People need to help people.  The government is broken.  The health care system is broken.  The education system is broken.  And the food system is broken.  All we have left is family.